What to have prepared for your book cover designer

what you need to prepare for your book designer

What do you need to have ready to send your book cover designer before they start work?

Do you know what you need to have prepared before contacting a designer for your eBook? It’s not like traditional publishing anymore, you have to pace yourself so it all comes together in one beautiful sweep. Here is a quick rundown of what your designer will need from you:

  1. Your title
  2. Your name
  3. A synopsis of your story. The general overtones.
  4. Any ideas you may have
  5. Any examples which support those ideas
  6. If you have a deadline that you’re working toward, or not.

Should I send my manuscript to my book designer?

when should i hire a book designer

Your designer might read the manuscript, but this doesn’t have to be finished (at least, not in my case). I like reading the book I’m designing for, but I’m in it for themes and concepts. I’m not going to review it but we do need the basic ideas to help visualise. Each designer is different, be sure to ask them.


What sort of ideas can I send my book designer?

pinterest board

Pinterest gives you clarity and will help you see themes in your mess of ideas. I love Pinterest, big time. Head on over and create a ‘board’ for your book cover collection. Things to pin onto it:

  • Other book covers
  • Photos
  • Colour schemes
  • Font faces
  • Other designs, such as DVD covers/movie posters, magazines
  • Whatever images connect you with your book emotionally or mentally, etc…

What if I need marketing materials to promote my book?

You will need to check with your designer if they offer marketing materials. The standard extras that I offer are:

  • Facebook cover
  • Web banner
  • Square promo ads
  • A3 poster
  • Bookmarks
  • Book cards
  • Postcards


Ask yourself, “When/how am I going to be using these?” Are you running a promotion where you need to add a date/location? Are you attending a conference that will benefit from you giving away bookmarks? Do you want your website address on there? Do you need a block of space where you can put in your own copy, and chop and change it whenever you need to?

Supplying this information to your designer is important so that they know the purpose of the marketing materials and can design specific to those needs.


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