What conditions are there?

Conditions for requesting a book cover:

  • Be patient. I may or may not be able to get on to your book cover straight away. It depends on how many authors I’m working with prior to you, especially if I’m reading their books and working through concepts with them. Please keep that in mind as I will give you just as much focus and attention to you, as I gave them. See FAQ’s for how long I anticipate it to take to design your book cover.
  • 50% Payment is to be made up front for all packages. Initial deposits are non-refundable. If there is an instance where I cannot provide you a finished product for reasons that are out of my control such as a Force Majeure Event I’ll let you know as soon as I can to when I can get back on to the project. If you decide to cancel the project for any reason that is your decision, or if you are not happy with the end design due to the large discounted nature of the prices and packages Candy Store and Chocolate Fondue I retain the right to keep the payment in full to pay for the time and the work completed up to that date. Final files aren’t issued until final payment is made.
  • Anything you supply to me you must have permission to use. This includes (but isn’t limited to) fonts, images and reviews to place on the cover.
  • Further more: It is your responsibility to provide images to me that 1. I have permission to use (i.e: not stock simply taken off google.com images) and 2. I can use reliably for the project. E.g.: I cannot enlarge images that are too small as they look pixelated and low quality; I cannot add or subtract clothing or add pieces of faces or other things if they are not already in the photograph.
  • To be as clear and communicative as possible. I will be ready to answer your questions, question your ideas, and encourage your concepts but you need to be there to help me with that. As best you can- know what you want. Know what you’re looking for and help guide me to that vision. Or, if you don’t know then let me know straight away so I can prepare something of my own making. Also if you need your design done by a certain time then please keep your eye out for my corrospondences so that we can get the project completed as soon as possible!
  • Be aware of how many revisions are given in the package you’ve decided. A revision is when I send you the concept and you feed back to me your ideas and changes you want. I will do my best to interpret what your story is and what you have in mind but can only do that with your clarity.
  • Be open to feedback. As an experienced designer I trust my instinct and skill and have been in the field over six years. If I let you know there is something in the project that can’t be done then please trust me. It may seem like designers can magic anything into thin-air from Photoshop but that’s not the case. In other circumstances I may suggest other concepts, designs, type faces, colours or any aspect of the design. This is the broaden the idea of what you’re looking for, not to be personally critical of you or your ideas in any way. In turn I will be open to your feedback and listen to what you have to say, and any ideas you want to break out – no matter what my professional opinion may be.
  • The cover I’m designing for you only has rights to be use as a cover. You may use the image on the internet to promote your novel, and on other promotional material such as T-Shirts, mugs, bags etc. If you want exclusive rights – that is you want to have total control over the use of the cover and complete rights- fees will be applicable.
  • Have fun. This is an experience, and together we will do the best we can to get the cover you want.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact me: reachus@thebookdesignhouse.com.