Why are you publishing? The purpose of self-publishing goals

Why are you publishing?

The purpose of self-publishing goals

Create clear goals that are tangible

Did you have dreams early on in your writing career of making the bestseller list? To make it as a self-publishing rock star?

Why is it so important to have goals for self-publishing? You are focusing your energy onto work that will really make the difference. Don’t work in a scatter-shot ‘winging it’ approach, even if you’re naturally inclined to do so. If you know your goal, you know where to aim. You won’t waste your time wondering if something is going to work because you know the reasons why it will.


Do you know what's happening?


I believe our ultimate goals should be outside of our realm of what we truly believe is possible and aim straight for it. It’s not that the goal isn’t possible- but it’s that we can prove to ourselves how capable we are. How do we do this? By smaller, incremental goals. By taking it step by step and often looking back to recognize how far you’ve come.

The Big Goal Road Map

Work with yourself to create goals you can achieve, by using this quick goal guide:

  1. Know your big goal. Visualize it. See yourself achieving it. Don’t just say or write it down, imagine BEING that person. What would you do and how would you feel if you had already reached it? Example:
    • I want to sell 1 million books.
  2. Start writing street directions to that goal. Some streets are longer, some hillier, some are short and easy to stroll. Break down that big goal into smaller increments and to-do tasks. Example:
    • Set up a website
    • Write and edit the book
    • Publish the book
    • Market the book
    • Get into advertising opportunities
  3. Once you’ve got street directions, start planning each house at each address. Break those smaller goals into even smaller Example:
    • Write chapter 1 of the book
    • Write chapter 2
    • Edit chapter 1
    • Send the book to the editor for revisions
    • Purchase a domain name of my author name

Check out my article here about setting goals for self-publishers in 4 simple steps.

Taking your walk amongst the houses will make progress easy. You don’t have to struggle under the weight of your goals. Knowing your goals and figuring out how to get there, creating that road map for you, will make your speed to success consistent, stable and easy.

Consider if you’re looking to write just one book, or a series as a goal

Now that you know your goals, what’s going to be the best outcome for your career? Should you publish a single stand-alone book, or a series?

Do not go into stand-alones if you’re looking to make money and start rolling in the dough. I agree with Alexandra Fletcher that having a series of books will always be more beneficial and gain more traction. It shows great persistence on your part, will help build a loyal fan base of readers, and obviously be more effective at earning more income.

Publishing Goals

You don’t need to split your story in two. A series of books can be told in many ways:

  • The same character, with different plotlines, such as Jack Reacher.
  • One ongoing story after another like Harry Potter.
  • The same series combined under a single theme, or element, such as death, or celebrities, or gangs.
  • Basing it all in the same town but each book has a different series of characters like Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.


The potential of creating a series of books is limited only by yourself. Can you create an ongoing thread throughout your books to tie them together?


The pressure of self-publishing.

The beauty of publishing is its flexibility. You’ve got your goals, you know why you want to earn money, but this is your life! This is your career. Don’t throw yourself in the deep end right away.

Believe in yourself

Try one book and see how you feel about publishing it. Everyone has their own way of doing it, and my advice here is exactly that- advice. It’s what I’ve seen work throughout the years I’ve done business and witnessed the results of my clients. It’s what works for me in my experience of publishing my own books.


You’re allowed to set goals, then test the waters and see how you feel. If it’s not making you happy, then scrap it and try something else.


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