Pricing your self-published book

pricing your self-published book

How do you price your
self-published book?

Average pricing for novellas and novels in self-publishing:

  • Average pricing for a fiction novel in self-publishing: $2.99
  • Average pricing for fiction novella in self-publishing: $1.99
  • Pricing for short stories: Free or .99c
  • Pricing for non-fiction: Consider setting the price higher since it’s a much more niche industry and readers have repetitive use for your book.

Paperback prices for a self-published book:

paperback prices for self-publishing

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Dog Ear Publishing sums this up very well:

The retail price should be based on your appraisal of the target audience – this includes the value your product provides to the reader, as well as what price point OTHER competitive products are selling at. The retail price should be at least 2.5 times the single-copy printing cost to allow for a reasonable margin (to cover our costs and your payments) after trade discounts are factored in.

Paperback books vary in prices but they average out per genre. It’s important you do your research about your competition to know what the balance is.


Pricing your first book compared to pricing as an established author

As a fresh new author your first book should generally be cheaper. As you establish yourself as an author you can continue to up the price. As demand increases, so should your price.


Can you change the price of your self-published book?

Yes, absolutely. This is one of the most important factors for authors who are trying to get a foot in the door. Especially when you’re running a promotion, a sale, you can adjust the price as you need to get sales in and boost your readership. You can read more about adjusting the price of your book here.

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