What are the terms and conditions of purchasing an eBook cover?

This includes:

• Initial minor changes when submitting the order
• 2 rounds of revision for my eBook cover beyond that (further minor changes only).

I understand that minor changes are restricted to:

• Colour changes to the fonts
• Alternative font selection
• Small changes to the location of text
• Small changes to the location of an image (unless the image is an integral part to other elements of the cover, to which The Book Design House will not move the image to keep the integrity of the design.)

I have full rights to the final flattened jpg file format, and may use it within my marketing and promotional efforts. I also give The Book Design House rights to use their designs for their own promotional needs. They will retain the raw files.

Images used on the cover are included in the price and are royalty-free. I have rights to use these images to a limited to a print-run of 250,000 units, or sales for digital format, within the design of the cover. If I wish to purchase an extended license I will contact The Book Design House.

Extended revisions beyond minor changes and revision rounds will be charged at a rate of $110USD per hour.

No refunds.


When can I expect my cover to be sent back to me with my book details?

24-48 working hours (2 working days)- based on Melbourne, Australian Time (AEST)- from Monday to Friday.


What payment type do you accept?


Credit cards (via Paypal)

If you would like to make the payment via bank transfer please email us here: premades(at)thebookdesignhouse(dot)com with your request and we’ll organize your order for you manually.


Do you offer discounts for multiple book orders?

Yes! We offer a 15% discount for 3+ books or more. The bigger the order, the bigger the saving!


What if I want to order a paperback but don’t have my information ready yet?

That’s ok! We’re happy to design the cover for you, and whenever you have your paperback information ready you can send it over.


Can I put a book cover on hold for me?

We cannot hold any book covers.


What if I want something a little more unique/bespoke?

You can check out our regular book cover packages here: http://booksat.scarlettrugers.com/how-do-i-get-a-book-cover/ These packages are very popular and our work is specific to your book needs. Our photo-manipulation work is very high, and very affordable for the quality.


How can I contact you if I have any further questions?

You can email us here for any questions you have:  premades(at)thebookdesignhouse(dot)com