POD Printing for Self-Publishing Authors

What is POD/Print on Demand printing?

Print on Demand is the service that you use to publish the hard copy paperback of your book. It is about printing on the demand of a sale. So rather than printing a huge number of copies in anticipation to sell, and then being out of pocket if you don’t ship them, a Print on Demand service provider prints it when an order of your book is made.

Because of this it’s made it exceptionally affordable and easily accessible for authors to make paperback versions of their book available. Once you upload your interior layout document and your cover into their system, they issue out your book for any reader. You don’t deal with shipping costs, you don’t deal with worrying about how to get the money back from the huge number of books you pre-ordered in expectation of huge sales that just didn’t happen, you don’t worry about upfront printing costs.


Would it benefit you to go with paperback printing/POD?


There are a lot of readers who just like having a physical copy of your book in their hands. It’s also a very special experience to see a physical copy of it on your bookshelf, or something you can sign for your biggest supporters. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t organize a paperback copy of your book. Yes, it will cost extra time and money in the beginning, but it’s not something you have to do right away. You can publish your eBook first and then decide to go with paperback down the track when you’ve recouped the costs.

Non-fiction is wildly more successful in hard copies than fiction. Check out the section here which outlines what genres and niches do best in paperback printing.


Most popular POD printers

The two most popular print on demand printers for self-published authors are:

KDP/CreateSpace and LightningSource/IngramSpark. There are many other alternatives including:

Do your research. Some offer benefits the others don’t, some have better quality, some have higher fees. Make a confident choice by educating yourself on what each one does and why.

Read my article here about the 8 things you should know about CreateSpace.

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