Ordering your book proof before publishing

Ordering your book proof

The purpose of a book proof

The book proof is sent to you to look over before releasing it for public purchase. When you upload your interior and cover into the Print on Demand system it will ask you if you want to organize a proof. You’ll get your book in the mail with the words PROOF on the inside back page. This copy is for you to look through and make sure no final errors or changes are needed.

Should you order a book proof?

Yes you should order your book proofYes. Double yes. Triple yes. You should never move forward with publishing until you get a hard copy of your book in your hands.

You don’t have to order a proof to submit your book for publication but I strongly suggest to every one of my clients to do this.

There is no disadvantage to ordering a proof but a huge difference exists between checking your book on a screen and seeing it in the paperback copy. I cannot emphasize the importance of this, when you see it in paperback format there’s something different about it.


Things to check when ordering a proof with your printer:

That the cover looks right. Including things like:

  • The quality of the image
  • How close the type is to the edge
  • The colour is accurate.

That the inside looks correct. Keep an eye for things like:

  • Your paragraphs are not too close to the margin.
  • The chapter headers are well balanced.
  • Page breaks are in the right place,
  • Page numbers are correctly applied.

That the text doesn’t need any more editing. Check for:

  • Typos
  • Grammatical errors
  • Any other remaining line edits that need to be changed.

This is just a guide and doesn’t include everything. Keep an eagle eye when you go through your proof. Be ruthless, this is your last chance to correct any lingering trip ups before it goes live.

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