Marketing campaign outlines for self-publishing

Marketing outline for self-publishing

Why it is important to have a marketing outline for publishing?

marketing outline for self-publishing

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Having clarity will get you to success much faster. This isn’t like pantsing your novel versus outlining. Pantsing is fun because it’s a natural flow in creativity. But this is business and knowing how and why you’re doing what you’re doing is vital.

Giving yourself steps will also help you acknowledge your achievements as you move forward. It will show you progress. By seeing the data of your efforts you will know what is working and what isn’t.


The foundation of a good marketing plan:

  • Who your market is
  • What they want from reading your book
  • Where they buy from
  • How to reach them

When to start planning your book marketing, and the different stages

book marketing stages

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“Many self-publishers (especially those who are writing non-fiction),” says Joel Friedlander,  “give themselves the best chance of success by thinking about marketing before they’ve even begun to write their books.”

You want to be looking at starting your marketing campaign six months or longer before you publish. This will help you to build relationships with your readers and you need time to nurture that.

At Launch

Use your release date and launch party as a major platform to take off. Celebrate everywhere! Celebrate, I said, don’t spam.


Follow up your launch with a campaign that continues to promote your book and expose your book. The work doesn’t stop once you press ‘publish’. Joanna Penn has great advice about how to promote the first book, and there’s an overwhelm of resources out there to guide you. Just do a bit of searching and you’ll hit on what the right campaign is for you.


book launch plan

How long you should make your marketing campaign

Get your marketing campaigned started as soon as possible. Six months as a minimum before you publish.

How long after you publish your book should you be marketing? The real question is- how long do you want it to keep selling? Any business you run requires ongoing upkeep. The longer you want to be in business, the longer your marketing plan needs to be.


Different areas of a marketing campaign

Start marketing your book before you write it. Don’t handicap yourself by thinking your book needs to be finished before you let people know about it! Get your potential readers super hyped about why your book is going to ROCK THEIR WORLD.


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