Keywords for self-publishing

Keywords in self-publishing

What are keywords in self-publishing?

Keywords are used by your readers to search for your book, or books like yours. Keywords are used when you type something into Google, on Amazon they’re referred to as Kindle Keywords.

Example keywords could be: Romance, fiction, women, mature, travel. By entering these words into Amazon or Google, the search engine will bring you book results that matches those best.

keywords to publish your book

Using the right keywords can make ensure longevity in book sales

Dave Chesson from Kindlepreneur gives an amazing run down of how his keywords in Amazon have kept his book at the top of searches, and how tweaking keywords on an existing book that isn’t doing great can show a direct increase once those changes are made.

His data is solid, and his step-by-step guide for keywords is highly recommended for any author looking to increase the sales and visibility of their self-published book.

So how do you go about making your book easy to discover on Amazon?

  • Brainstorm a list of keywords based on your book and your competitor’s books
  • Narrow it down to 15-20 keywords
  • Input these words into the Google Keyword Planner.
  • Collect the 5 -10 keywords that receive the most traction based on your search and add them to a new list.
  • Go to Amazon and enter the keywords
  • Track which other keywords auto-populate and write down which ones are most applicable to your book
  • Combine with original keywords and select top 20 for your book

Get the data. This isn’t a guessing game. Just because it’s something you search for doesn’t mean it’s what everyone else searches. Everyone uses terms that are familiar to them. Having the information and using the right keywords will give you the greatest chance at making your book searchable and stay searchable.


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