How to get above your competition in self-publishing

competition in self-publishing

Self-publishing competition

Why should you research your self-publishing competition?

Researching your competition will help you figure out:

Similar Book Covers

A good example of similar book covers in the same genre

“Without taking the time to research your book title before publishing,” says Derek Haines from Just Publishing Advice, “it is very easy to fall into the trap of having a title that is already in use by another, or more than one author. Finding a unique title involves taking the time to do your research before making a decision that will be difficult or impossible to change after publishing.”

Once you know your competition you now have the advantage of knowing why you stand out. Why would they pick your book over anyone else’s? What is it about your book that makes it so enticing, and unique?

This is a key factor in marketing your book because if you don’t have this twist then you will get swallowed up in the deep publishing ocean.

Don’t guess as to why you’re unique, know it.

Just because you think you’re unique in your idea doesn’t make it real. The majority of businesses fail because the business owners thinks EVERYONE will love their idea. Why? Because they love it.

If we feel a certain way abut something it’s natural to expect others to. “Why wouldn’t they want to read about Vampires who shift into hedgehogs every Christmas?” It’s not that they wouldn’t in this case, it’s that maybe someone else has already done it.

But hey, we can never have too much Vampire-Shifter-Hedgehog-Christmas-Fiction…

hedgehog vampire shapeshifter romance

Yes. I made this cover just for this post. No. There are no regrets.

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