How many editors do I need for my self-published book?

How many editors do I need for my self published book

Why hiring more than one editor for your book is recommended.

how many editors do i needYour structural editor and copy editor should be separate people.

Editors are human and they too can make mistakes. Things get easily overlooked especially if they are already familiar with the flow of the story. Having a separate Structural and Copy Editor will make sure that what one won’t pick up hopefully the other one will.

In traditional publishing it can take up to 12 months before a writer sees the book in print. This is due to the multiple changing of editing and proof reading hands that it does to ensure the end product reaches that professional standard.


Look at editors in your genre for structural editing

Seek out editors that work in your genre. An editor with experience in whimsical romance will be familiar with an entirely different sense of pacing and plot compared to a horror thriller. Books drum to their own beat, and genre sets the tempo. Hire the right drummer for your book.


Different stages of edits your book needs:

Structural editing:

Tackling the story telling within your book, the way the story flows, the bird’s-eye view. A structural editor will help you figure out if the overall story and narrative is solid.

Copy-editing/ Line-editing:

Once you’ve established that the story telling works then it’s onto looking at the finer details. The clarity of your writing, the language you use, what repetitive terms you may use that are unnecessary.

Have you described the character having blue eyes in one chapter, and brown in the next? Do the time lines work out? Are they in New York in one scene and then suddenly, without any explanation, in Dublin the next?

This may also cover line editing, which takes care of typos, paragraph errors, formatting details, grammar and spelling issues.


The last look over before it goes to publishing. Your editor should have a keen eye for detail and know the importance of layout and have experience being able to show things like:

  • Page and chapter headers being in the right place
  • First lines of new sections shouldn’t be indented
  • Page numbers are removed from chapter start pages

and other elements like that which will transform your book into one that is high quality and worthy to compete against any traditional-published book.

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