Frequently asked questions for your book designer

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Here are the most frequently asked questions about book design I get from my clients.

I’m listing these questions here to help you, but each designer will answer differently depending on their process. This is just my process.

How long will it take to design my book cover?

First concepts take7-10 working days to develop. Once I send them over I then make changes and adjustments within 24-48 hours (normally within a day). From there it really depends on your own schedule. Feedback comes in from an hour to a week or two later.

Sometimes real life gets in the way and you have to go on hiatus. I have some book covers that are wrapped up in two weeks, some that take five months. Book cover design is not supposed to be rushed. It is an art form and needs time, patience and dedication.

Will you read my book? Will you give me a review/your opinion on it?

If you send it to me, yes I will read it. I need a couple of weeks to read it over as I will be working through your MS as well as many others in preparation of their book cover design launch. Give me plenty of time to read it before we begin work.

 Will I give my opinion and/or a review? No. To keep things as professional as possible I do not share my personal opinion of you work. I use it as a tool to guide me in the right direction but I will not share with you or publicly what I think of your book. It just comes down to a conflict of interest and respecting the bond between designer and author.

Do you think this is the right title?

I might seem like the right person to discuss if it’s the right title for you, because I deal with them so often, but I’m not.

  • Title comes under copy, and I deal with design, not copy. Although I, myself, am an experienced writer my practised skills and expertise are in a visual field, not a text field.
  • A title is also an incredibly personal thing, and your most dedicated readers and close writers should share their opinions with you.
  • I’m not your demographic. If you are publishing a heavy science-fiction novel, you wouldn’t ask a reader of romance their thoughts on the title, and vice versa.

Can you please tell me what you think of the blurb?

Please re-read point 4. Your editor is the best person to talk through this with you as they know your book as well as you do, and they can come at it from a 3rd party POV.

When do I make the payment?

It is a 50% deposit up front, and then 50% at the end of the project before the final transfer of files.

I don’t know my final page count yet, and I won’t know it for a while, is that a problem?

That’s very normal, especially if you’re looking to do an eBook release before the paperback. I can use a .5? spine until you give me the final page count.

How quickly do you need feedback from me?

I don’t work with any deadlines, so I’m very flexible. Book cover design is not a rush job, and sometimes it can take a long time. Getting feedback from outside sources, getting polled responses, sharing it with beta readers, sharing it with your family, working through your editing, marketing and planning for the first release… all of this takes time. You take as long as you need to, to send me your feedback.

Can you make it look exactly like this book cover on someone else’s book? Or even like this, but with some flying monkeys, some romance, and I want it to show action and I want it to show my characters exactly as I imagine them, and there’s also a death in there so add that in too.

This is where I come in. I read your book, analyse your brief, hear your ideas, and tell you when there’s too much/too little/too conflicting and realign ourselves with the true purpose of your book cover. This may mean working with your ideas, it may mean refining them into something that will work magic.

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