Even if you’re tired, you have the ability to continue

Your limitations are set by your inner gauge. There are things you’ve learned about yourself in life that have told you, “hot, don’t touch”. 

Some of them are valid and keep us not dead. Others can be stretched and twisted, and there are some which are just flat out lies. 

Exhaustion is a good excuse to use while NaNo’ing, and a perfectly valid one. But it’s not a limitation. 

People push through exhaustion every single day. Parenting redefines the concept of exhaustion for those who’ve not been one yet. Marathon runners practice the very skill of mastering the push through exhaustion. Doctors are expected to run on exhaustion. 

Does your body keep you exhausted, perhaps through work, sickness or disability? Does your mind keep your exhausted with depression or anxiety?  

In my experience I have a 100% limit. I think everyone does. A point that they’re done. Done and dusted. Bury me 6 feet under and leave me be. 

You need to know your 100% limit, and it’s different for everyone. You may think you know it off the top of your head but have you ever really pushed yourself? Pushed up against those mental barriers that are telling you to stop, to slow down, to go to bed, to curl up, to disappear? 

Have you ever really tested yourself? 

Maybe NaNoWriMo is the perfect opportunity. 

How hard can you push yourself beyond what your brain tells you? Because you are totally capable of doing it. The mind is a powerful, intense, potent tool and the more you work with it the stronger it becomes. 


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