5 Things That Shouldn’t Be On A Book Cover

There’s so much advice about what should go on a book cover, these are 5 easy points of what shouldn’t go on a book cover. What’s lead me to these points? My own experience. I’ve broken every one of these rules in my path to being the Graphic Designer I am. It’s like picking up something you’ve written five years ago – have you ever done that? If you haven’t, do it. I promise you you’ll find a few rules broken in the early years. Everyone has to go through them to be great. No matter what career, what passion you have in order to be the best you sometimes have to do your worst! Why shouldn’t these things be on a book cover? They can reduce the look of quality of the book, and professionalism. These are elements that have been used and abused over time and says to your reader before they even pick the book up ‘made by an amateur‘. So for a self-publisher unsure what shouldn’t be on a book cover: 1. Comic Sans Comics Sans …


What images do I put on a book cover?

It can be tough to decide what images to put on your book cover. Should it be a photo, an illustration, or should you only use a font face? Could you mix elements, or should you only stick with one? Here’s some pointers to give you some clarity and direction. Stock images/photography: Pros of stock images: Simple to use You can take your own photographs Is very affordable if you don’t have a big budget There are some photographs which are perfect visual representations of your book. There’s a huge range of photos to choose from on stock image websites Designers can place separate images together in a photo-manipulation. This can give your cover a realistic feel. Cons of stock images: The image you use could also be used on other book covers. Using your own images can risk the look of professionalism in the cover, especially if there is lack of consideration of lighting, composition, depth of field, use of grid, and colour.  If you don’t have a designer it can be a lot of work to put together …

Where can I self publish?

A simple list of self publishers for you to compare, and decide which is best for you. Please be aware some of these sites are country limited, so ensure you look over them closely and can sign up an account before committing yourself. Please research these publishers! Make your choices with information, consideration and care. You can find recommendations, and warnings about them here: Writer Beware Books and Tales Publishing List   List of most popular print on demand publishers CreateSpace- Amazon KDP-Amazon Smashwords Lulu Blurb Barnes & Noble Equilibrium Books Lightning Source Scribd   List of the less popular print on demand publishers BookSurge Booklocker iUniverse Xlibris Outskirts Virtual Bookworm WingSpan Press Authors Online Aventine Press Bookstand Publishing Foremost Press Infinity Publishing Inkwater Press Llumina Press Trafford eBookit Fast Pencil Publish Green Can you recommend any publishers? Have you had a good, or a bad experience? What advice about POD publishers?


Why is a book cover important?

The importance of a book cover isn’t always recognized by people who work outside the field of graphic design. You’ve worked so hard on your manuscript why shouldn’t people love it based on its merits? Once they read the first few they will pass it on to their friends and their parents and they will pass it on to their friends. The reason a book sells is because of the contents, not the cover, right? People judge books by their covers. I hate to break it to you but it’s true. Barry Eisler, successful author of the John Rain novels, who turned down $500,000 with legacy publishing in favour of self-publishing, has written a great article about ‘How to package a book‘. He describes the importance of a cover- and from the writer’s perspective. Over at the Bookish Brunette the Brunette admits to refusing to review any book with an ugly cover. Peter Salisbury considered his cover for The First Completely Electronic Robot and Science Fiction Limerick Book when sales were at an all time low at 2 per day. …

What do I need to self publish?

Self publishing is a huge deal. You’ve worked your ass off for months, possibly even years. And now you’re asking yourself ‘what do I need to self publish my book’? I’m here to shed a little bit of light on to the subject! In 10 steps this is what you need to self publish. Lets begin with the obvious. 1. A finished manuscript. The last word is written, all the edits are complete. You’re happy with the beginning, middle and end. Your beta readers have had their claws in it but now it’s free and you’re ready to publish! You must feel exhilarated. When you put down the last sentence in the first draft I hope you felt excitement there and I ask you to rekindle that now. A lot of writers overlook this grand success because it’s not an achievement they’re used to dealing with, or recognize it because of it’s unfamiliarity. It is important you acknowledge this occasion for what it is. In your own heroic adventure this is the second climax! The first: Writing a whole book. The …


How much does a book cover cost?

I’m afraid there’s no short answer here. Truth be told, the cost of a book cover will vary. You have to weigh up the pros and cons for you, and figure out if you need to save up to invest, or if you’re actually ready to have a cover for you. Here are some variables to consider:


Standard size of a book and understanding image size and resolution

What is the standard size of a paperback book? What about the images that go on the book cover? How can you find out if the image is the right size? This article is all about book size and dimensions, and to give you a little bit of knowledge about images. I won’t expect you to know as much as a designer should, but enough to get you by. This article is specifically for digital images- not vector images. Vector images are a whole other bag, and I’ll visit that separately.   Part 1: What is image resolution? I’m going to try and make this as simple as possible. You might not get it straight away but I didn’t either. It took me a long time to get my head around it. Hey, you might be lucky! You might understand it straight away! Lord knows there’s enough information on the internet to find out but I’ll explain it in “image resolution for dummies” terms. Images are made up of dots. To be more precise: Dots Per Inch (DPI). They’re coloured dots …


How to Find an Amazing Book Cover Designer

You’ve decided to hire a designer to design your book cover! Awesome! So where do you, as a writer, start? First, where should you be looking? Google Using search terms like “Book cover designer” (without the quotes searches for just those three words located on a page, whereas with the quote marks searches for that specific search term) or “book cover design for self publishing”, or an obvious variation of these. The more refined your search terms are, the better results you’ll get. Add keywords like your location, your genre, ‘affordable‘, or ‘beautiful‘. Try “book cover design” and get familiar with different websites, designers, archives or galleries. If you see some that you love follow through to the website of the graphic designer to get in touch with them. Word of mouth Facebook and Twitter are amazing resources as search engines. Get in touch with your writing community, ask other self published authors if they had good experiences with their designers or if there’s someone they can suggest. Try using this example: “I’m looking for a book cover designer. Can anyone recommend a good one?” …