What do I need to self publish?

Self publishing is a huge deal. You’ve worked your ass off for months, possibly even years. And now you’re asking yourself ‘what do I need to self publish my book’? I’m here to shed a little bit of light on to the subject! In 10 steps this is what you need to self publish. Lets begin with the obvious. 1. A finished manuscript. The last word is written, all the edits are complete. You’re happy with the beginning, middle and end. Your beta readers have had their claws in it but now it’s free and you’re ready to publish! You… Read More


How much does a book cover cost?

I’m afraid there’s no short answer here. Truth be told, the cost of a book cover will vary. You have to weigh up the pros and cons for you, and figure out if you need to save up to invest, or if you’re actually ready to have a cover for you. Here are some variables to consider:


Standard size of a book and understanding image size and resolution

What is the standard size of a paperback book? What about the images that go on the book cover? How can you find out if the image is the right size? This article is all about book size and dimensions, and to give you a little bit of knowledge about images. I won’t expect you to know as much as a designer should, but enough to get you by. This article is specifically for digital images- not vector images. Vector images are a whole other bag, and I’ll visit that separately.   Part 1: What is image resolution? I’m going to… Read More


How to Find an Amazing Book Cover Designer

You’ve decided to hire a designer to design your book cover! Awesome! So where do you, as a writer, start? First, where should you be looking? Google Using search terms like “Book cover designer” (without the quotes searches for just those three words located on a page, whereas with the quote marks searches for that specific search term) or “book cover design for self publishing”, or an obvious variation of these. The more refined your search terms are, the better results you’ll get. Add keywords like your location, your genre, ‘affordable‘, or ‘beautiful‘. Try “book cover design” and get familiar with different websites, designers, archives… Read More