Social media for self-published authors

Social media for self-published authors

Good social media platforms to use for self-publishing promotion I can go ahead here and list all the social media platforms that you should use to promote your book for your self-published book. It would just be a list of your standard carousel: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The best platforms to use as a self-published author are the ones your readers use. If you revisit my prep chapter around target markets you should know who your perfect buyer is, and where and how they buy. Older readers won’t likely be found on Facebook or Twitter, but they may update their reading lists… Read More

Release dates in self-publishing

What’s the purpose of a release date? Why set a release date? A release date is important to self-published authors because it’s there to build excitement and to give you a deadline. In my preparation chapter I outlined the importance of goals. Goals are your own, a release date is for your readers, your community. It’s to grow the anticipation of your release.   Make your release date flexible It’s okay if your release date ends up shifting. This might seem a little weird to allow flexibility in the release date of your book, but this is self-publishing. Unlike having… Read More

Marketing campaign outlines for self-publishing

Marketing outline for self-publishing

Why it is important to have a marketing outline for publishing? Having clarity will get you to success much faster. This isn’t like pantsing your novel versus outlining. Pantsing is fun because it’s a natural flow in creativity. But this is business and knowing how and why you’re doing what you’re doing is vital. Giving yourself steps will also help you acknowledge your achievements as you move forward. It will show you progress. By seeing the data of your efforts you will know what is working and what isn’t.   The foundation of a good marketing plan: Who your market… Read More

ISBN, Barcode, and Copyright for your self-published book

ISBN, barcode, copyright

Do I need an ISBN for my self-published book? One of the more ambiguous problems that Self-Published authors face in their adventure to publication is the debate of the ISBN, more specifically what they are and why do you need one?  What do all the numbers mean? ISBN’s, or International Standard Book Numbers, are a thirteen-digit number that is often printed as a part of a book barcode. This unique number system was invented in 1965 and is used to identify your book across the world. It is a combination of codes breaking down your regional group, publisher and title… Read More

Blurb writing for your self-published book

Get the lowdown on blurb writing for your book here What is the purpose of a book blurb? A blurb is your sales pitch. It isn’t about explaining all the conflicts and their resolutions. It’s not about giving anything away, but to entice readers to open up to the first page. Just as a movie has a trailer, this is your moment to get the reader hooked.   How do I write a good blurb? Round Up Like all writing, blurbs are not an exact science. It’s helpful to look at the best sellers in your genre and see how they… Read More

Frequently asked questions for your book designer

what you need to prepare for your book designer

Here are the most frequently asked questions about book design I get from my clients. I’m listing these questions here to help you, but each designer will answer differently depending on their process. This is just my process. How long will it take to design my book cover? First concepts take7-10 working days to develop. Once I send them over I then make changes and adjustments within 24-48 hours (normally within a day). From there it really depends on your own schedule. Feedback comes in from an hour to a week or two later. Sometimes real life gets in the… Read More

What to have prepared for your book cover designer

what you need to prepare for your book designer

What do you need to have ready to send your book cover designer before they start work? Do you know what you need to have prepared before contacting a designer for your eBook? It’s not like traditional publishing anymore, you have to pace yourself so it all comes together in one beautiful sweep. Here is a quick rundown of what your designer will need from you: Your title Your name A synopsis of your story. The general overtones. Any ideas you may have Any examples which support those ideas If you have a deadline that you’re working toward, or not. Should I… Read More

Hiring a book cover designer

Hiring a book designer

How do you find the right designer for your book cover? How to search for a book cover designer: Google Using search terms like “Book cover designer” (without the quotes searches for just those three words located on a page, whereas with the quote marks searches for that specific search term or “book cover designer for self-publishing”, or an obvious variation of these. The more refined your search terms are, the better results you’ll get. Add keywords like your location, your genre, ‘affordable‘, or ‘beautiful‘. Try “book cover design” and get familiar with different websites, designers, archives or galleries. If you… Read More

Different parts of a book that needs to be designed

The different parts of book design

What are all of the parts that need designing in your self-published book? A book is compiled together from many elements. Each one of these elements needs to be in sync with the other, to convey a single message to your reader. This means the paperback should follow the same design and use the same style fonts as the front cover. The interior layout needs to be designed in a way that will continue the styles of the cover design. One idea is using font faces from the cover as chapter headers. Another is blocking the scenes together in a… Read More

The Purpose of Book Design

The purpose of book cover design

What is the purpose of a book cover? The purpose of your book cover is this: To connect with the right audience and genre. There’s no point in trying to sell a book about family and tragedy to someone who enjoys a light, happy romance to read on their holidays. Occasionally authors I work with explain their target audience is ‘everyone’, or ‘readers aged 18-80’. This does not help your readers, or your book sales. If you haven’t read it yet check out the section on genre and why it’s so important to aim for a target market. Your book cover… Read More