Keywords for self-publishing

Keywords in self-publishing

What are keywords in self-publishing? Keywords are used by your readers to search for your book, or books like yours. Keywords are used when you type something into Google, on Amazon they’re referred to as Kindle Keywords. Example keywords could be: Romance, fiction, women, mature, travel. By entering these words into Amazon or Google, the search engine will bring you book results that matches those best. Using the right keywords can make ensure longevity in book sales Dave Chesson from Kindlepreneur gives an amazing run down of how his keywords in Amazon have kept his book at the top of… Read More

Being a business owner versus a publishing author

Are you a business owner, or an author? Start off as a writer but transform into a business person This is the standard process authors take to publish a book: Write book Get cover Prep book for printing Upload on Kindle Tell people you published book Wait for royalties to roll in… How closely do you follow this list? If you want to create an income from your self-published work, you’re doing it wrong. In fact, you’re doing it backwards. Derek Hains from Just Publishing Advice succinctly puts it: The current self-publishing model is doomed to failure because it defies… Read More

How many books can I expect to sell?

How many books can I expect to sell

How many books can an author be expected to sell when self-publishing? How many books do you want to sell? Before we get into numbers, how many books do you want to sell? How many would make you happy, would you consider successful? Is it a single number, like a thousand copies, or is it on a monthly basis, like 20 a month? Is it based upon how many people you’re reaching or how much income your books will give you? Deciding why you want to sell will help you figure out the best way to move forward from here.… Read More

Budgeting for self-publishing your book

Budgeting for self-publishing

How much should you budget for publishing your book? How much is your time worth?   Photo by Elti Meshau from Pexels Imagine a man visits you out of the blue, one day. You don’t know where or when. You don’t know if you will meet him in 10 years or 10 seconds. He sits down opposite you. He says, Which would you pick? Would you take the extra money to live the last week lavishly, or take the extra week to live as you are? What’s more important to you? Your time, or money? We don’t all have the… Read More

Writing for yourself vs the market in self-publishing

Writing for yourself vs the market

Should you write for yourself or a specific market? Why are you self-publishing in the first place? A few reasons why authors decide to self-publish: To make a million bucks Retire early Fame For everyone to know your name For people to consider you an expert Make money doing what you love Share stories with your family and friends To have passive income To show their high school enemies how much cooler they are Because they have information they want to share with a community Because they feel they have a skill ready to explore So after those reasons, are you… Read More

Why are you publishing? The purpose of self-publishing goals

Why are you publishing?

The purpose of self-publishing goals Create clear goals that are tangible Did you have dreams early on in your writing career of making the bestseller list? To make it as a self-publishing rock star? Why is it so important to have goals for self-publishing? You are focusing your energy onto work that will really make the difference. Don’t work in a scatter-shot ‘winging it’ approach, even if you’re naturally inclined to do so. If you know your goal, you know where to aim. You won’t waste your time wondering if something is going to work because you know the reasons why it… Read More

New name, same people! Hello 2017!

You may have noticed something different this year. That’s right, we’ve got a new name! The Scarlett Rugers Book Design Agency has now transformed into The Book Design House.  We’ve got a new name but our expectations of ourselves and our service hasn’t changed, and neither has the boss (me!). So why the change? After working in business successfully since 2011 I have learned a lot about what it takes to run a good business. Not just a business but a good one. A lot of that lies around community and support. While I am exceptionally proud to have had… Read More


My 5 pieces of advice to get through trauma: For self-published authors and business owners

My first blog post in months. Things have changed dramatically for me this year, due to some very traumatic experiences that happened to me at the end of last year, and the beginning of this year. Events that changed the course of my life and changed me as a person. This year the Agency had a really rough start. One of the worst 6-8 months I’ve experienced since this business came to life back in 2008. I’ve experienced mental illness to the point of paralysis, and being unable to work. And this week I have lost a dearest and darling… Read More


My Writing Routine – Anthony St. Clair

Welcome to the forth article in our My Writing Routine series. Each week, we bring you the writing routine of a different author, delving deep into their processes, tips, thoughts, and techniques for getting their words onto the page. Today we peer into the writing routine of author Anthony St. Clair. 1. Can you give us a bit of a background about yourself as a writer?  Two events growing up told me that words and expression would be the core around which I would build my life, values, and career. In middle school I was part of a creative writing program, and while working… Read More

Katie Newingham – My Writing Routine

Book Cover Design Magic Fantasy Mystery Fiction Virginia's Ghost Caroline Kaiser

  Welcome to the second of our My Writing Routine articles. Each week, we bring you the writing routine of a different author, delving deep into their processes, tips, thoughts, and techniques for getting their words onto the page. Today we peer into the writing routine of author Katie Newingham. 1. Can you give us a bit of a background about yourself as a writer? Raised in a household of boys, I often received messages that my emotions were wrong. I was too sensitive, cried too much, and needed to get over it (my mom’s leaving). I seemed to feel and sense more… Read More