Be prepared and trust how you work

Week two is a slog, and if you’ve never been here before, welcome! Get ready to face your most frustrating characters, your biggest plot holes, and the barren desert that is your motivation. 

Trust that you are going to get through this, and get prepared. What is it that will help you get through week two? 

You don’t have to try and water a small patch of that barren desert in the hope something will flourish, just keep a pack of water on you as you walk across this week. 

Trust you have the ability in you to do this, even if your beliefs say otherwise. If your friends or family say otherwise? Well please, you just slam the door right in their face and sit back down and write. No one knows what it’s really like to do NaNoWriMo until you’ve done it. The inner pressure, the hopelessness, the determination, the flow.  

What do you need to pack with you to get across the week? Coffee, alarm clocks, writing groups? What does your list include? 

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