Act, even when you don’t think you can

Learning to act is about learning to hear your thoughts, and taking action anyway. Trusting that yes, you are capable of handling this. Going ahead even when your beliefs are screaming at you, blaring red warning signals, WARNING WARNING DANGER WILL ROBINSON.  

This system has been installed your ancestors, and refined and personalised by you. This system will lie to you. The lies it will tell are two fold: 

  1. It actually thinks danger is happening right now. Those words you didn’t write yesterday and today? WARNING. SHUT OFF IMMINENT. It interprets what’s going on out there through a very specific funnel, a funnel that you have created, extended, and adjusted throughout your life. 
  1. It will tell you whatever it needs to, to get you to take action. It will lie to hell and back if your beliefs think you’re in danger (see point 1) and needs to steer you out of it to survive. 

Anxiety, depression, procrastination, laziness, stress, whatever is holding you back is there for a reason. It’s survival. One day, many many years ago, it served you. You needed it and you created it so that you could survive.  

But you never turned it off. Since that one day, many many years ago, it’s been ringing in the back of your head, being super sensitive to every little thing brushing past you in life. This warning system is yours, and yours alone. 

What is a cure for anxiety? Action. Its very poison is its cure. Cruel mistress. 

Thoughts do not control the outcomes of our lives, our actions do. But our actions unconsciously follow our thoughts, which is why we need to start there.  

Watch your thoughts pull in and then recede like the tide, sometimes swelling and strong, other times calm and still. Either way, you’re not in them, you’re standing on the beach watching them. 

And taking action anyway. 

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