We are closed until further notice.

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce The Book Design House will be closed until further notice.

This is not an easy decision to make. You have been my drive. My inspiration. My success. Without you I would not be here today.

Throughout 2018 I tracked my mental illness and was very conscious of it's steady decline over the months, to the point where I could not work or act, and I've since been in paralysis. I have great clarity and determination that this will not stop me, but it's time for The Book Design House and I to part ways.

I have attempted to source new owners to keep this amazing business alive, however within the time frame required and to keep your work on time, there has been no one who is able/willing to be the Captain of this ship.

Thank you for your ongoing kindness, passion, friendship, and loyalty. It has been an amazing 8 years of book design and business. I consider all we have accomplished an enormous success. Although I grieve over having to step away from this business at this time, I know I've put my all into my work and helping you to be the best author you can be.

I hope I've made a small impact in your greatness.


For any enquiries please email: admin@thebookdesignhouse.com

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